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Human Centric Lighting

Human Circadian Rhythm Lighting

The next evolution of using lighting is to create places that benefit people’s health and lives.The connection between human health and lighting has become an important focus for architectural lighting designers. Circadian rhythms, sleeping, alertness, healing, and stress reduction are being studied by current investigations and there is more and more evidence of the impact of light on our health.


Lighting designers are a tremendous resource– for innovative, practical, energy efficient, and economically viable lighting solutions.

This last year has seen many changes in office use. Many employees are now working from home. This provides an opportunity for some businesses to change their business model, which could include more shared workstations when employees alternate between the office and home. This will cause greater need for lighting levels, glare reduction, and associated lighting ergonomics be easily adjusted from day-to-day as a different employee uses the workstation.

Buss Lighting is an independent architectural lighting design consultant providing comprehensive, professional lighting design solutions to their commercial projects, and is committed to making interior and exterior spaces more enjoyable places in which to live and work.

Buss Lighting will work on your project, collaborating through all stages of design and construction as desired.


Shadow is a colour as light is, but
less brilliant; light and shadow are
only the relation of two tones.
– Paul Cezanne

The store looks a million times better, sales are up, people comment on the great change, and our power bill went down….win, win, win! I would strongly recommend Mel to anyone looking for lighting design.
Mike Trombley, Advance Music